Some months ago I started teaching tatting to a new pupil and for the first time I had to consider differences about  left handed needle tatting. Those differences affects two basic aspects of needle tatting

  1. The position of the knots on the needle
  2. Which  direction should a left handed tatter read the pattern and work on it.

The picture below resume effectively the main differences between right and left handed tatting. IMG_0701

We see,  in the blue motif (right handed needle tatters)  knots (made by the left hand while holding the needle with the right hand) are moving from left to right. In the green motif (left handed needle tatters) knots (made by the right hand while holding the needle with the left hand)are moving from right to left.

Hoping this could be handy and clear, I dedicate it to my pupil Mari Carmen.



2 thoughts on “Left handed needle tatting

  1. I am left handed and I can make a ring and chain but when I start the 2nd ring it is backward. How do I start the 2nd ring?


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